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 Liberals/NDP. Liberals, NDP. 
politics exhaust me, but when the party in question may be involved in the funding of K, it goes a little beyond EVERYTHING. 
i have a feeling the the NDP would be more open to fund the drug that is, right now, giving me a reason for living, since they have been very open-minded and supportive of me in this current fight. true, no one makes promises in light of an election. 
the Liberals? i highly doubt would do this, even if there are children involved who would benefit. bloated government officials and medical cut backs don't exactly seem to be eager to cover a 300,000 a year drug. then you think of the past, and see: NDP/supportive healthcare. 
Quebec didn't do it, so why would they do it here?
as i say to people, so many countries said no initially, and were forced to change their minds due to public outrage. 
so, once my own medication runs out and i exhaust every other avenue at my disposal, i either have the option of moving to another country that does fund it or suffer. 
wait for the symptoms to return... which they would, immediately.... as they did with the Crohn's, once that medication stopped working. 
the very concept wants me want to take up defenestration as a temporary hobby. 
even at my most desperate moments, i'm vividly aware i'm out of control and immediately do something about it. wouldn't it be nice to be a fainter? you'd faint, OMG, people would see to you, get smelling salts and coddle you. i'm always the opposite- vividly awake and aware of everything. 
i'd leave scars on the ears people who delve into politics, that's what i'd do. especially those who decide these things. there so little else i could do. 
today has not been a good day. 
my dad's been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. funny, huh? they think it might be connected to one of the previous jobs he did years ago. with this, it can go badly quickly, or be no problem at all. i think, since he IS well and only has a little patchy spot, it might be the latter, but who knows. 
my nan had it, caused by a medication to correct irregular heartbeat. her death was cruel. it actually reminded me of Bob Flanagan's death.
could i go through a death like that again? nan demonstrated terrible symptoms before.
what are the odds to two people SO different having exactly the same disease? tell me, what ARE the odds? no genetic connection, no similarity in physicality, nothing. 

is this what happens when politicians get involved in the funding of medications, when the costs are high? WOULD they even get involved with this? i honestly can't see how they wouldn't. 
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