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(day before)
~wakes at 7 am to make 9 am research visit, as well as CF Clinic in the afternoon. goes through being prodded, poked, and doing spirometry 3 times. yep.... NINE of those hard, fainty blows. i even went and walked up stairs to try to open things up more. by 2:30pm, am whining to go home~
~wasn't able to eat all day~
~tries to find store where precious cassettes are being transferred to discs. can't find it, so zooms home in the midst of traffic~

~can't sleep or eat.  takes meds and dozes to roy dotrice~

~waken at midnight feeling as though i've been kicked in the stomach and the back. whimpering, pops pills, but nothing strong enough. takes sleeping pills (also narcotics), emails doctor in charge of her clinic yesterday, showers to dull with hot water since my hot pack is in pieces and i can't find another one. falls asleep~

~woken at 8am by answering machine. not by doctor, but by mother~

The plumber's coming today. WAKE UP. 

~ah. the plumber we've been waiting to find since the summer~

~pain has returned. reads email, with doc explaining why he can't prescribe narcotics and tells me to get the clinic to page him. he says he's anxious if it's, due to the intensity of yesterday, a collapse or anything like that. i say no, since there's no bleeding, no shortness of breath, no exact spot of pain, and no popped rib. just a LOT of pain in muscle spasms. he suggests non-narcotic options, or the ones i have of which i've taken them all. he also suggests going to an open clinic. i explain i can barely walk, let alone drive.. and not sure if i can wait for my scheduled home teleconference with my GP (the service "Medeo", of which, i don't believe offers triplicate forms). i also explain how my GP's cancelled two appointments over the last 2 days because of technical issues and running late, since (at that time) my issues weren't at all dire). he gets my GP's contact number and promises to get in contact with him~

~waits. takes sleeping tablets, nausea tablets, ponstan, anything to dull it. also tries rescue remedy and cherry plum prunier~

~gets call from doctor, saying he got in contact with GP, who in turn will get in touch with receptionist to talk to me earlier than the scheduled 4:45pm appointment. knowing his "team", i don't hold much hope... it's been 2 hours already~

~gets call from one false charity. growls, and hangs up~

~gets ANOTHER call from charity, the fake "Children's Charity" who pretends to be the Children's Wish foundation, who really just gets people to donate free items so they can make a profit off them. informs them i KNOW they're a fake charity, and that i'm waiting for a phone call from a damned doctor, so will they PLEASE stop calling me everyday? and hangs up~

~gets a call. pleasant voice, telling his name and company (sounded like something to do with auto mechanics (???) and asking how i am! i tell him i'm feeling horrible and waiting for a doctor to call~

~turns out.... it's the plumber. oh, geeze. i thought he was just "coming", not phoning ahead~

~i apologize, explaining i'm not too well and have been getting false charity phone calls all day with very little patience for them, and needing to answer the phone... and since i didn't know his name or the company (which my mother, of course, never told me), it made me think he was one of those trying to sell things (like... i dunno, anything to do with water heaters or cleaning your non-existant furnace~

~he arrives in good time, accesses everything that needs doing with me and dad, taking pictures (because it seems ALL our plumbing in the big house was done "pre-code". O.o) and will write out an estimate after giving it some thought. he tolerated our barking dogs really well~

~he checks over my place, and says a few things just need replacing. he's also impressed by the wrapping of my Toto toilet. (since it was shipped, it was all encased with massive amounts of spray-foam~

~we have a short chat. he quickly asks if i have a cold, and i say, no- it's lung issues and apologize for being so snappy, explaining why and saying how pleased we are he's there~

~pain is now somewhat numbed. STILL waiting to hear from that damned receptionist~

it felt like i had been hit in the back and front with a 2 by 4. almost at "cracked rib" stage, except not- i didn't feel anything crack or pop. 

i AM sure my lungs are fine. my activities yesterday just had a nasty effect on the muscles. 

it's only noon. 

....i'm tired of waiting. i'm going onto Medeo to let them know i plan on seeing my GP sooner. it's good to let THEM know, even if the GP's damned receptionist isn't going to take me seriously. 
i hate receptionists sometimes. there's nothing worse than, when you're sick, calling a doctor's office and being DITHERED.

when do i EVER complain about pain?


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